Month: January 2019

Texas Probation Disposition and Derivation Table

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Austin DWI lawyer Here is a Probation Disposition and Derivation Table for the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure dealing with Probation. TCCP Article 42.12 was recodified in TCCP Chapter 42A.  The nonsubstanative changes to the TCCP were made in 2015. Austin DWI lawyer DISPOSITION TABLE DERIVATION TABLE TCCP ART.42.12 2015 TCCP ART. 42A 2015 TCCP… Read more


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Austin DWI lawyer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests or SFSTs are frequently admitted in Driving While Intoxicated trials. Even when law enforcement improperly administers the tests, judges admit the tests and allow juries to decide how much weight to give them.  Law enforcement officers must be qualified to testify which means certified by The National Highway Traffic… Read more