Month: July 2020


Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

For the time being, the courts have suspended in-person jury trials and preliminary hearings. All of us have a legitimate concern about gathering together, in large groups, in closed spaces, for extended periods of time. There is little doubt that in-person courtroom hearings, even with social distancing measures in place, would seriously jeopardize public health… Read more


Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

In Kentucky v. King, 563 U.S. 452, 460, 131 S. Ct. 1849, 1856–57, 179 L. Ed. 2d 865 (2011) the Supreme Court discussed the exigent circumstances exception to the warrant requirement stating that the exception applies when “ ‘the exigencies of the situation’ make the needs of law enforcement so compelling that [a] warrantless search is… Read more

An Arrest Warrant Is Not Sufficient to Enter a Home

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

An arrest warrant generally does not allow the police to enter your home to search for a fugitive. There is no need to allow the police to enter your home when they do not have a search warrant. As explained by the Supreme Court in Georgia v. Randolph, 547 U.S. 103, 126 S. Ct. 1515,… Read more