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Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer I hope you are all staying safe.  I wanted to alert those of you who are using Ignition Interlock Devices about some important information. Travis County courts issued a directive to all Ignition Interlock Device (“IID”) vendors that IID recalibration may be rescheduled for 45 days after your existing appointment.  This was… Read more

Re: Governor Abbott’s Executive Order

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On March 28, 2020 Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an Executive Order that prevents judges from authorizing a Personal Recognizance Bond (“PR Bond”) for the following types of criminal cases: CRIMES OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE – Any person previously convicted of a crime that involves physical violence or the threat of physical violence, or any person currently… Read more

Court Settings Reset until May 8

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Due to outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the first cases of Covid-19 appearing in the Central Texas area, I am writing to inform you that court settings until May 8 are being reset. See the attached Kennedy memo. This period may be extended if conditions worsen. Please do not come to court during this… Read more


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Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer A First Driving While Intoxicated charge is ordinarily a Class B misdemeanor with a period of confinement of up to 180 days.  A person commits a DWI if she is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public place. Courts have interpreted the term “while operating” in context to mean… Read more

Thousands of DWI Cases Thrown into Jeopardy

Becton Dickinson, the leading manufacturer of blood vials for DWI blood testing initiated a medical device recall for the BD Vacutainer Fluoride Tubes on June 12. The root cause was related to a manufacturing error. A recall is a method of removing or correcting products that are in violation of laws administered by the Food… Read more

Sex Offender Caseload

Beware the Registration and Sex Offender Caseload that Follow Pleading to a Non-Sexual Offense A conviction for a sexual offense is almost always accompanied by sex offender registration and a sex offender caseload. Registration typically means notifying law-enforcement where you work and live. Your name and address are posted on the internet in a sex… Read more