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Austin Criminal Defense lawyer David Frank is based in Texas and has a reputation for being a tough and experienced criminal trial lawyer. In April of 2014 he challenged the Texas Mandatory DWI Blood Draw Statute in two test cases. The appellate courts agreed and found that the Mandatory Blood Draw Statute runs afoul of the Fourth Amendment. In November 2014 he helped lead a State-Wide effort against a SOAH rule change. That effort led to a simpler process to subpoena witnesses for ALR Hearings. He is the Past President of the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and currently serves on the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Strike Force Committee.


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In every cop show, these are the utterances that let the audience know someone has just been arrested. You have the right to remain silent; Any statement you make may be used against you in court; You have the right to have a lawyer present to advise you prior to and during any questioning; If… Read more

Beware the New DWI Deferred Adjudication — Is it Really a Bargain?

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A new state law for the first time allows a judge to grant deferred adjudication to a person charged with DWI.  While at first glance this may seem like a major breakthrough, the new law does very little to protect a person from any of the real consequences that accompany a DWI conviction.  In fact,… Read more

Thousands of DWI Cases Thrown into Jeopardy

Becton Dickinson, the leading manufacturer of blood vials for DWI blood testing initiated a medical device recall for the BD Vacutainer Fluoride Tubes on June 12. The root cause was related to a manufacturing error. A recall is a method of removing or correcting products that are in violation of laws administered by the Food… Read more

Sex Offender Caseload

Beware the Registration and Sex Offender Caseload that Follow Pleading to a Non-Sexual Offense A conviction for a sexual offense is almost always accompanied by sex offender registration and a sex offender caseload. Registration typically means notifying law-enforcement where you work and live. Your name and address are posted on the internet in a sex… Read more

A Criminal Case Can Jeopardize Immigration Status

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A criminal case can jeopardize immigration status sometimes causing aliens to lose their status and face deportation. Immigration Law is its own specialty and we often work together with trusted immigration attorneys who can make a big difference in the outcome on a criminal case. A Padilla Letter is often critical to getting the right… Read more

Austin Police DWI Video Delays Create Roadblock to Justice

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Austin Police DWI Video Delays Create Roadblock to Justice FROM THE AUSTIN AMERICAN STATESMAN Wednesday May 1, 2019 Two years ago, Travis County officials unveiled a $3.5 million software system to expedite the flow of evidence between local law enforcement agencies in criminal cases. One aspect of the new technology — and one touted as… Read more

Pre-Indictment Subpoena

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Defense counsel must subpoena information prior to indictment in any case where records may be destroyed or become unavailable with the passage of time.  Some prosecutors oppose these subpoena requests with a Motion to Quash if the subpoena is requested prior to indictment.  There is no authority to support that position and defense counsel needs… Read more

Section 411.0765 Disclosure by Criminal Justice Agency

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Austin DWI Lawyer A nondisclosure order allows Texas state agencies to release Criminal History Record Information as follows: § 411.0765. Disclosure by Criminal Justice Agency Effective: September 1, 2017 (a) A criminal justice agency may disclose criminal history record information that is the subject of an order of nondisclosure of criminal history record information under… Read more

Possibility of Bail Bond Reform in Texas

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The Austin American Statesman published an article on February 5 about bail bond reform in Texas describing the two bills that would apply an “Automated Pretrial Risk Assessment” to deciding who should be released from jail on Personal Recognizance Bond and who should not.  In Austin we have been using an evidence based approach for… Read more

Texas Probation Disposition and Derivation Table

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Austin DWI lawyer Here is a Probation Disposition and Derivation Table for the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure dealing with Probation. TCCP Article 42.12 was recodified in TCCP Chapter 42A.  The nonsubstanative changes to the TCCP were made in 2015. Austin DWI lawyer DISPOSITION TABLE DERIVATION TABLE TCCP ART.42.12 2015 TCCP ART. 42A 2015 TCCP… Read more